Which Resource Management Task Enables Resource Coordination Throughout The Incident?

Which Resource Management Task Enables Resource Coordination Throughout The Incident?

Which Resource Management Task Enables Resource Coordination Throughout The Incident?

A. Reimburse and Restock

B. Order and Acquire

C. Demobilize

D. Track and Report

Correct Answer: D. Track and Report


Track, Report and Resource Management

“Track, Report, and Resource Management” refers to a set of activities within the incident management process that involve monitoring and documenting incident-related information, reporting on the status of resources, and managing resources effectively to ensure their efficient and coordinated use during incident response.

  1. Track: Tracking involves monitoring and documenting incident-related information, such as incident size, location, progress, and status of resources. This may include using tools such as incident tracking boards, situation reports, and other reporting mechanisms to maintain a real-time situational awareness of the incident’s status. Tracking helps incident management personnel to make informed decisions and adjust response efforts as needed.
  2. Report: Reporting involves timely and accurate communication of incident-related information to appropriate personnel and stakeholders. This includes preparing and sharing incident reports, situation updates, and resource status reports to keep all involved parties informed of the incident’s progress, challenges, and resource needs. Reports may be shared through established communication channels, such as radio, phone, email, or other designated methods.
  3. Resource Management: Resource management involves effectively and efficiently allocating and coordinating resources to meet incident response needs. This includes identifying and requesting the necessary resources, tracking their availability and deployment, and ensuring their appropriate use based on incident priorities and objectives. Resource management also includes inventorying, documenting, and tracking the status of resources, such as personnel, equipment, supplies, and facilities, to ensure their accountability and readiness for response activities.

Track, Report, and Resource Management are critical components of incident management to ensure that resources are effectively utilized, and incident-related information is accurately documented and communicated. These activities support decision-making, coordination, and situational awareness, which are essential for efficient and effective incident response.


Which NIMS structure develops, recommends, and executes public information plans and strategies?

Correct Answer: D. Joint Information System (JIS)


Which resource management task establishes and maintains the readiness of resources and insurance providers are paid in a timely manner?

Correct Answer: C. Reimburse and Restock


Which organizations should be involved in commmunications planning?

Correct Answer: C. All Stakeholders


Which resource management task deploys or activates personnel and resources?

Correct Answer: A. Mobilize



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