Bickering twins restaurant & tequila bar 114 n cayuga st ithaca ny 14850 usa

Bickering twins restaurant & tequila bar 114 n cayuga st ithaca ny 14850 usa

Bickering twins restaurant & tequila bar 114 n cayuga st ithaca ny 14850 usa

Nestled in the heart of Ithaca, New York, lies a culinary gem that promises an experience like no other: Bickering Twins. This vibrant establishment seamlessly combines the warmth of a neighborhood eatery with the sophistication of a tequila bar, inviting patrons to embark on a journey of sipping, savoring, and celebrating.

The Birth of Bickering Twins

Bickering Twins traces its roots back to the vibrant streets of Ithaca, where two passionate culinary enthusiasts, Sarah and Mike, decided to embark on a shared dream. United by their love for food, drinks, and hospitality, they envisioned a space where guests could unwind, indulge, and create lasting memories. Thus, Bickering Twins was born.

A Culinary Oasis

Step into Bickering Twins, and you’re greeted by an ambiance that effortlessly blends rustic charm with contemporary flair. The aroma of flavors wafts through the air, enticing your senses from the moment you walk through the door. Whether you’re seeking a cozy dinner for two or a lively gathering with friends, the restaurant’s inviting atmosphere sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

The Menu: A Symphony of Flavors

At the heart of Bickering Twins lies its menu – a carefully curated selection of culinary delights designed to tantalize your taste buds. From traditional favorites to innovative creations, each dish is crafted with precision and passion, showcasing the finest ingredients sourced from local purveyors. Indulge in savory appetizers like Ceviche Tostadas or Grilled Street Corn, or dive into hearty entrees such as Carne Asada Tacos or Sizzling Fajitas. Vegetarian and vegan options abound, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Tequila Temptations

No visit to Bickering Twins is complete without exploring its impressive selection of tequilas. From artisanal blancos to aged añejos, the bar boasts a diverse array of spirits guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Knowledgeable bartenders stand ready to guide you through the nuances of each tequila, helping you discover new favorites and perfect pairings. Whether you prefer your tequila neat, in a classic cocktail, or as part of a refreshing margarita, Bickering Twins offers an unrivaled tequila experience.

Tequila Tastings and Events

For those eager to deepen their appreciation for tequila, Bickering Twins hosts regular tastings and events that offer insight into the spirit’s rich history and production methods. Led by industry experts, these immersive experiences provide guests with the opportunity to sample a variety of tequilas, learn about different aging processes, and discover the art of pairing tequila with food. Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, these events offer a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and palate.

A Hub for Celebration

Beyond its culinary offerings, Bickering Twins serves as a hub for celebration and community. From birthday parties to anniversaries to private gatherings, the restaurant’s versatile event spaces can accommodate gatherings of all sizes. Customized menus, attentive service, and a vibrant atmosphere ensure that every occasion is truly memorable. Whether you’re raising a glass to a milestone moment or simply reveling in the joy of good company, Bickering Twins provides the perfect backdrop for your next celebration.

Embracing Local Roots

As a proud member of the Ithaca community, Bickering Twins is committed to supporting local farmers, artisans, and producers. By sourcing ingredients from nearby farms and collaborating with regional suppliers, the restaurant not only ensures the freshest flavors but also contributes to the sustainability of the local economy. Through partnerships with organizations like the Ithaca Farmers Market and Finger Lakes Wine Alliance, Bickering Twins celebrates the rich culinary heritage of the region while forging meaningful connections with its neighbors.

Beyond the Plate

At Bickering Twins, the commitment to excellence extends beyond the plate. The restaurant’s dedication to hospitality, innovation, and community sets it apart as more than just a place to dine – it’s a destination where guests can immerse themselves in an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you’re exploring the depths of a perfectly aged tequila or savoring the flavors of a thoughtfully crafted dish, every moment spent at Bickering Twins is an invitation to sip, savor, and celebrate life’s most delicious moments.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to savor the flavors of Bickering Twins for yourself? Located at 114 N Cayuga St in Ithaca, NY, the restaurant welcomes diners seven days a week, serving lunch, dinner, and late-night fare. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor passing through, a warm welcome awaits you at Bickering Twins. Reservations are recommended, so book your table today and prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other.


In conclusion, Bickering Twins in Ithaca, NY, isn’t just a restaurant – it’s a destination where sipping, savoring, and celebrating come together to create unforgettable experiences. From its tantalizing menu and impressive tequila selection to its vibrant atmosphere and commitment to community, every aspect of Bickering Twins reflects a dedication to excellence and hospitality. So whether you’re planning a special occasion or simply craving an exceptional dining experience, Bickering Twins invites you to pull up a chair, raise a glass, and revel in the magic of good food, good company, and the joy of celebrating life’s delicious moments.

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